ERGOLAB is a revolutionary tool for identifying physical loads

ERGOLAB provides the opportunity to track and evaluate an employee’s physical risk during a work situation. ERGOLAB can assess both the ergonomics for the employee and the product the employee uses.


How we do it

8 small ERGOLAB motion sensors are placed with comfortable straps on the employee to capture all movements during a work situation, directly in the workplace.

ERGOLAB is a plug-and-play solution, which means that the time from application to measurement is 2-4 minutes.


How it works

During the measurement, our software automatically identifies and marks any physical risks to the employee. ERGOLAB combines the most well-documented ergonomic analysis tools to estimate the load on the body.

Access the results with one click

On our online platform, you can access the results of the measurements or download them as a PDF.


More questions?

What does ERGOLAB analyze?

ERGOLAB analyzes whether the person or product complies with ergonomic guidelines for body movements, external loads, repetitions and variety of activities.

What analyzes is ERGOLAB based on?

ERGOLAB is based on well-documented ergonomic guidelines, such as ISO 11226, EN 1005-4, Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA), the Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidance and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

How is the process?

We tailor each analysis to your needs. Number of situations and employees to be measured, where to measure and which risk parameters you want results on. Finally, we present the results of the analysis to you. You also get your own login to our platform where you can access the results and print the report.

What can the results be used for?

We always prepare explanations to the results, which can be used to optimize the product design or to set up preventive solutions for the employee.

At the same time, the results can be used for sales and communication material. If the product complies with our ergonomic recommendations, you can also use our “Recommended by ERGOLAB” brand.

What happens in the event of a negative ergonomic result?

In the event that the product or employee does not live up to our ergonomic guidelines, we can not give you our ergonomic recommendation. However, you can always use the results to get insight about the ergonomic strengths and weaknesses of your product. The test results are yours alone. We always prepare a declaration of confidentiality that Motioncatch may not save or display the test results unless otherwise agreed.