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Storm Design Studio

Test of two sandblaster designs

In December 2020, we tested a new ergonomic sandblaster design for the company Storm Design Studio.

We tested two different sandblasters; traditional sandblaster vs Storm sandblaster. For each measurement, the person tested 4 different grip techniques on the sandblaster during 3 different sandblasting heights. Each measurement took about 30 minutes and throughout the test our sensor equipment collected movement data.

Reduced risk by 37%

After the measurement, we presented an ergonomic report to Storm Design Studio. The report contains precise information about where the body is stressed and for how long. Among other things, we divide the ergonomic parameters into body position, external load and high-risk activity analysis. Storm Design Studio asked for specific numbers on the degree to which their new sandblaster design was better ergonomically compared to the traditional sandblaster. Our overall risk score showed that storm sandblasting entails an overall reduced ergonomic risk of 37% compared to traditional sandblasting, and that the overall risk was in the low risk zone.

View the results of the evaluation

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