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Test of two office / teaching chairs

In January 2023, we tested two chair designs from HOLMRIS B8. We tested VIPER, which allows tilt in the chair seat and flex in the backrest, and RAY, which is a robust, flexible and light chair.

We tested both chair designs during an office working day (8 hours of work per chair). The test was performed on the same person, one day apart. We used body movement tracking and pressure distribution to evaluate the two chair designs.

20% better comfortscore

Our results showed that VIPER had a 20% better total ergonomic comfort score, as well as a better pressure distribution and pressure distribution symmetry on the semen. However, we assessed both designs to have good comfort and comply with important ergonomic principles. Therefore, we can give both chair designs our ergonomic certification mark.

View the results of the evaluation

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