We help employees stay safe


We help companies promote employee well-being by setting a new standard in ergonomic risk assessment with our proactive and innovative approach. We help companies change health from a cost to a profit.


Motion measurement

We use the leading sensor technology to measure body movements. Our system ensures complete anonymity as we simply measure the outline of the body. The equipment can simultaneously measure undisturbed during a full day’s work and in any environment.


Ergonomic software

Our software Ergolab can analyze the measured data automatically and identifies exactly where and when the employee experiences the greatest physical stresses. Our software automatically designs visual graphs that provide a complete overview of the risk.


Concrete solutions

We collaborate with skilled ergonomic experts who, based on our results, can tailor solutions such as training programs and warm-up exercises. At the same time, our team prepares proposals for optimizing workplace design. We always lack skilled partners – contact us if you have a suggestion!

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